The Eat Food NOT Money Cookbook

Momma’s chicken noodle soup

I remember my momma making this on cold rainy nights.

What you’ll need:

About 4 chicken breasts, cooked and cut up or
1 whole chicken, cooked and deboned or
2 cans chicken chunks, drained
2 cans carrots
Egg noodles
2 chicken flavored bullion cubes

Combine all the ingredients except the egg noodles in a large pot over medium heat and cook for around 30 minutes or until everything has mixed well and is heated through. Add egg noodles and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Variation: Use turkey instead of chicken. I can’t honestly taste the difference and it’s a great way to use leftovers. Add a stalk of sliced up celery if desired.

chicken breast – $5.00/4 pack or
whole chicken – $2.85 or
canned chicken chunks – $2.50/can
carrots – $0.89/can
egg noodles – $1.89
bouillon cubes – $1.89/jar of 20
Total – $8.76 with chicken breasts or chunks or
$6.61 with whole chicken


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