The Eat Food NOT Money Cookbook

Clam chowder

An easy recipe that only takes about half an hour to cook.

What you’ll need:

4 slices bacon, diced
1 ½ c onion, chopped
1 ½ c water
4 c potatoes, peeled and cubed
3 c half & half cream
3 Tbl butter
2 (10 oz) cans minced clams
1 ½ tsp salt
Pepper to taste

In a large pot over medium high heat cook the bacon until it’s almost crisp. Add the onions and cook for 5 minutes. Stir in water, potatoes and salt & pepper. Bring to a boil. Cook uncovered for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Pour in half & half and butter. Add the clams using one can drained and the other with the juice. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the chowder is heated through. Do not allow to boil at this point or the cream will curdle. Makes 8 servings.

bacon – $2.29/ 1 pound package
onion – $1.12
potatoes – $2.00/5 lb bag
cream – $1.99
canned minced clams – $2.12
Total – $8.57


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