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Homemade peanut butter

With all the news about peanut butter and salmonella lately, I thought I would post a recipe for homemade peanut butter. Since the salmonella poisoning happened sometime after processing (it occurred at the peanut plant and not in the peanuts themselves) this is a great (and simple) way to have peanut butter and not have the worries. By the way, this recipe can be made with any nut.

What you’ll need:

1 ½ lbs roasted unsalted peanuts in the shell
2 ½ Tbl cooking oil (any variety you prefer. I use vegetable oil) or margarine
Salt to taste

Shell the peanuts. Grind in food processor or blender until almost smooth (you can leave some lumps if you want crunchy peanut butter). Add oil or margarine and mix in “bursts” until it’s smooth. Remove from food processor or blender. Add salt and stir just enough to mix. Makes about 1 pound of peanut butter.

peanuts – in shell – $2.29/lb
vegetable oil – $2.89
Total – $3.72


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  1. OMG…Thanks for this. We go through peanut butter like crazy around here. I like natural peanut butter but it is such a pain….and like you said with all the scares going you need to be careful.I will defnintely find some peanuts and do my own…Coco

    Comment by SCREAMING FOR CHOCOLATE | January 26, 2009 | Reply

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