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Cooking Light – January/February 2010

It’s time again for my monthly Cooking Light magazine review. I got my issue yesterday and it is awesome as usual! I spent all of last night reading it and marking down the recipes that I’m dying to try. My pick this month as my favorite is the Speedy Chicken Potpie (page 32). Here are the highlights from this issue:

The Cooking Light Way to Eat (page 133) – Cooking Light offers 10 rules for healthy eating in 2010 and 50 small changes that can make a big difference.

The plan’s ultimate tips include: Try something new; Choose healthy fats; Cook more often; Eat less processed meats; Eat more whole foods; Start the day off well; Indulge adventurously; Eat out creatively; Be portion aware; and Drink well.

Feed 4 for Under $10
(page 178) – This month’s recipes for delicious, nutritious, and budget-friendly eating include: Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Butternut Squash, and Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

Ease Anxiety About Health-Care Costs (page 53) – The payoff for reforming your basic approach to medical costs is some real peace of mind and the good news is that it can be done. Cooking Light offers simple tips to help ease the stress: Keep an eye on the paperwork, stay in-network, and take care of yourself to prevent disease.

Navigating a Sub Shop Menu (page 70) – Eating out is often part of our weekly routine. But a quick lunch on the go can result in many unwanted calories. Cooking Light offers the best and worst menu picks at a sub or sandwich shop.

Jamie Oliver Interviewed by Mark Bittman (page 161) – Jamie Oliver believes that by teaching ordinary Americans new cooking skills, and getting them to share those skills with others, he can improve our national diet. “Cooking is not taught at school, they’re eating crap at school, and there’s largely processed food being sold to the home market. We need to create a (food) movement so people can understand it really quickly and simply,” Oliver tells Cooking Light.

Chili Basics (page 102) – Learn the secrets to making a great bowl of meat-based, bean-based or completely vegetarian chili. Cooking Light offers three tasty versions of this ultimate comfort food.

Start with a Can of Tuna… (page 94) – Canned tuna, an inexpensive pantry staple, lends itself to a Spanish salad, a delicious panini, and a creamy sauce for chicken.

Readers’ Winning Recipes (page 184) – Out of more than 2,800 entries for the fifth annual Cooking Light Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest, Suzanne Rumsey of Fort Wayne , Indiana , was chosen as the grand prize recipient, winning $20,000 and a $5,000 donation to Heifer International. The judges loved the simplicity and vibrant flavors of Rumsey’s Greek Chicken and Barley Salad.

Rating the Best Bacons (page 58) – The porky, smoky taste of great bacon can be central to the fat-cutting idea of using meat as a flavor, rather than a main ingredient in all kinds of light recipes. Cooking Light tasted 23 bacons and rated their favorite for breakfast, for recipes, best store brand, and overall winner.

Dinner Tonight (page 77) – Start the new year off right with stopwatch tested, healthy and tasty family meals including Roast Chicken with Balsamic Bell Peppers, Pan-Grilled Halibut with Chimichuri, and Chiptole Bean Burritos, all ready in under 40 minutes.

If you haven’t bought this magazine before, you’re really missing out! Pick one up today! And don’t forget to visit them online too! Happy Cooking everyone!


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