The Eat Food NOT Money Cookbook

How much?

The COST section that I show in each post is based on the prices that I pay. I shop at Walmart most of the time. Obviously prices will vary depending on where you shop and in what part of the country you live.

Also if I give the price of something that will be used for more than just that recipe I have adjusted the total cost. For example an 18-pack of eggs cost $1.47, if the recipe calls for 2 eggs then I calculate the cost of those eggs @ $0.08 each. And in most cases I have used generic food products unless I specifically label an ingredient. For example, I use Velveeta brand cheese often and never buy the generic form so in recipes that Velveeta is used (and other name brand products), it’s specified as so.

Here is a copy of one of my receipts (you can make it larger to see the prices for yourself):

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