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I sent my husband to the store last night for some milk and that got me thinking about how I do my shopping which in turn got me thinking about how YOU do your shopping. I have done my shopping many ways over the years and have finally gotten to a place that I’m comfortable. You might say that I’ve grown in my ability to shop well.

I used to be the girl that would panic when I was asked “What’s for dinner?”. I’d jump in the car and rush to the store only to find myself wandering around trying to decide what I was going to cook. Most of the time I’d grab something that looked easy and then get home and realize that a) I’d spent a lot of money on just one meal and b) I didn’t have everything I needed to make that meal.

That’s when I learned how to plan my meals. I’d still go to the store every day but I’d have a list and did somewhat better in the shopping department.

Several YEARS later, I decided I was pretty good at shopping and attempted to shop only once a week. I did ok with that. I still forgot things and had to return to the store during the week but I was no longer panicking about it. (Some of you may have realized by now that I have major obsessive/compulsive tendencies so that was really quite an accomplishment for me not to panic.)

Now 25+ years into my shopping experience I can plan my meals out once a month. I have a little help doing this with a meal planner. It’s pretty nifty. I write out all my meals and then all the ingredients that will be needed to make them and ta da! I have a shopping list. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t do the work for me. I do it all by hand, writing it out, but by writing each day I tend to not miss anything. I’ve also learned to buy in bulk which saves a lot of money. I even buy my eggs 5 dozen at a time. That costs $5.06 for 5 dozen eggs which comes out to $1.01 a dozen or 8 cents per egg. The only time I need to go to the store each month is when I run out of milk or bread (two things that I can’t seem to keep enough of in my house) and sometimes things I decide I just want suddenly…urges in other words.

Now that I’ve rambled for 10 minutes and most of you have probably clicked off this page and gone on to something more interesting, I’ll get to my point. Like I said back at the beginning, I wonder about you and how you do your shopping. Will you take a minute and let me know? Please? It would make me very happy 🙂

If you’d like, leave a comment and go into any details that you want to let me know how you voted and why you voted that way…..or just to let me know that I’m crazy (since this is something I already know, it’s really unneccessary for you to tell me but if you just feel the need then by all means do it!). Have a great day everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow with an actual recipe!


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